Is Sexuality an Irrational Tragedy?

The Porcupine Argument


Although it isn’t possible to select what it is we sexually desire, it is at least possible to be aware of how our thinking is overtly influenced by archaic evolutionary programming. The amount of time and energy sexual desires have cost people is vast. Our otherwise beautifully curious, exploratory, artistic, scientific, productive minds are often greatly distracted by an out-dated, arbitrary behavior that in-and-of-itself achieves relatively little. By analogy, we can’t choose what foods we crave yet we intelligently resist the evolutionarily-descended drive to over-consume simple sugars. We choose not to view our sexual desires the same way, instead allowing them to reshape our lives and — in some cases — dominate the foundation of our priorities. Is this not a tragedy?

Dan Bilzerian’s intentionally-designed lifestyle is one clear example of what the dominance of sexual desire over the foundations of one’s priorities can produce.

Which would you choose?