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  • Sanvi A

    Sanvi A

    I am an Innovator at The Knowledge Society focused on Longevity and improving the quality of the final years of people’s lives.

  • Bruno Banuelos

    Bruno Banuelos

    I am an innovator at The Knowledge Society where I am currently working on a cancer focus with an emphasis on immunotherapy!

  • Molly Jin

    Molly Jin

  • Rodin Shokravi

    Rodin Shokravi

    An entrepreneur, developer, and Innovator at TKS. Passionate about building solutions to problems. universaltimes.org

  • Jules Padova

    Jules Padova

    I’m a TKS student who wants to imporve our world by using AI 🤖, neuroscience 🧠 & physics ⚛️ (nuclear, astro, quantum)

  • Isabella Jabbour

    Isabella Jabbour

  • Zayn Patel

    Zayn Patel

    creator @georgetown, fellow @beondeck, activator @theksociety.

  • Omar Soliman

    Omar Soliman

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