• Jamie Russo

    Jamie Russo

    I write books, essays, poetry, and tweetstorms.

  • Meera Singhal

    Meera Singhal

    Biotech Enthusiast at TKS | Stem Cells | Gene Editing

  • Zayn Patel

    Zayn Patel

    creator @georgetown, fellow @beondeck, activator @theksociety.

  • Omar Soliman

    Omar Soliman

  • Ian Pilon

    Ian Pilon

    Product Designer | Founder of IoT Waterloo Region | co-founder of ETH Waterloo Hackathon

  • Henry Fu Official

    Henry Fu Official

    A young researcher/entrepreneur curious about our world. Focus on Human longevity, Stem cell and Regenerative medicine.

  • Max Cui

    Max Cui

    A person who is passionate about technologies such as Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and Machine Learning/AI. Currently working on a QCNN for Image Recognition!

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